The rivers Taff and Ely are both designated as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation. They act as important wildlife corridors through the city and care should be taken when navigating not to disturb the flora and fauna.

Invasive species

ecoZebra mussels and killer shrimps are present in Cardiff Bay. These invasive species were probably introduced into the freshwater lake by a visiting vessel. Zebra mussels reproduce rapidly, and can cause problems to vessels and equipment if appropriate care is not taken.

Killer shrimps can cause serious ecological damage to freshwater ecosystems. It is the responsibility of all Bay users to help prevent the further spread of these species. It is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to allow these species to transfer to another body of water, and every measure should be taken to prevent this from happening.

Guidance on how to protect vessels and equipment, and prevent the spread of these species can be found at:


Environmental monitoring

The Harbour Authority has installed a number of yellow environmental-monitoring buoys within the Bay. They can be distinguished by the prominent solar panels on top, which power the monitoring equipment. They have no navigational significance, but it is an offence against the byelaws to interfere with them.


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