River Taff

5_notsMariners should be aware that licensed, approved Harbour Authority, passenger-carrying vessels are permitted to travel at a maximum of 7 knots in the River Taff, whereas the speed limit for all other vessels is 5 knots.

When navigating on the River Taff you should exercise caution when passing under bridges. The river can also be subject to fast flows.

As you travel upstream, the Butetown Link road bridge is clearly marked on either side by port and starboard markers; no other arches are navigable

Please be aware of canoes and rowers in this area. Your wake can seriously affect light sculling craft, so be vigilant. There is also likely to be other river traffic in this area.

The depth of water beyond Wood Street bridge is less than 1.5m in many places, and navigation for pleasure craft beyond this bridge is NOT ADVISABLE.

River Taff

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